Young LeidenASA

Young LeidenASA aims at bringing together Leiden based PhD candidates and junior researchers with a focus on the African continent. Twice yearly a workshop/networking event is organized, specifically for this group of young researchers. PhD candidates from other universities are also welcome to attend these events.

In order to get more insight in PhD research on Africa (disciplines, themes, countries), an overview of more than 200 PhD candidates was compiled in recent years. This overview provides the working title, key words, and email address of the PhD candidates (worldwide, though mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium). With this information, the PhD candidates can also easily contact other students whose research is of interest to them (university websites tend to provide very limited information when it comes to their PhD candidates). If you'd like your details to be included in the overview, please send an email to Maaike Westra ( providing the working title of your research, some key words that describe your research, your country/countries of focus and the name of the university where you are registered as a PhD candidate.

Upcoming events

Pitch your research project
Pitching your research becomes increasingly important for researchers: how to convince a subsidy provider, a future employer or, for example, a policy maker of your great research plans and/or findings in only a few minutes. In the training "Pitch Your Research Project", you will learn how to tailor a message for a specific audience and how to deliver the pitch. And don't be afraid: it will be fun!

The training will be given by Dr Karin Nijenhuis on Monday 19 February from 14:30-17:00 hrs and Wednesday 28 February from 10:00-12:30 hrs. Venue is the Pieter de la Court building (Social Sciences), Leiden University; rooms will be announced.

If you'd like to attend this training, please send an email to Karin with your preferred date (19 or 28 February) and with information on your experience with pitching your research and what you find challenging about pitching.

Workshop peer-reviewing
On 28 March, Dr Harry Wels, will be giving a workshop on the process of peer-reviewing. The workshop will be from 14:00-17:00, followed by drinks & networking opportunities. Programme to be announced. Registration: