Mirjam Schomaker, Knowledge network dynamics with regard to biofuels expansion

Mirjam has been involved in environmental assessment and reporting in various forms and scales for about 30 years (mostly through the United Nations Environment Programme based in Nairobi, Kenya). In these activities the search for, debate on, and assessment of reliable sources and data were important aspects. More recently Mirjam started her self funded project to dig into the heterogeneous knowledge base on biofuel for transport. She is mapping its dynamics using a bibliometric approach, looking at aspects such as multi-, inter- and transdisciplinarity, science-policy interaction, and regional differences and linkages. A major challenge is to integrate the multitude of relevant 'grey' publications and often custom-made databases with more 'formal' scientific databases.

Project started in 2009 (self funded). Graduation planned in Leiden.

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Mirjam Schomaker
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